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Meet Flash!

Meet Our Newest Spotted Jack

Flash is one of our new spotted Jacks.  Come Meet Flash! ....continue


How Do I Do That?

They're So Cute

demoWe believe Miniature Donkeys were bred to be, and should remain, athletic and capable animals. In our breeding program we select for donkeys with the big stride, grace, and balance that are desirable in a top performance animal. ...continue


Brood Jennets

Meet Our Girls

Our most important concern is the quality and capability of our brood jennets in carrying and producing quality babies.  We breed them for their size, color and conformation. All of our jennets are loving, social little girls.


We are pleased to announce the addition of GREAT BLOODLINES to our brood mares,
Heiken's Ark Kennedy and Heiken's Ark Norris



Midnight Raven



Gardner's Saundra Mae:   Sire:   Heiken's Ark Kennedy.     Dam:  Gardner's Jamina B.
Saundra Mae is bred to Happy Times Johnni Cash and is due summer of 2011.   31 1/2"
She is a black and white with beautiful markings.

Gardner's Veralicia Mae:  

Sire:   Heiken's Ark Norris      Dam:Gardner's Nicole H.
30 1/2"   She is bred to Happy Times Johnni Cash.   Due summer 2011. 

Like Saundra Mae and Marcie Mae she is a beautiful representation of black and white spots.





Sutherlin's Little Voo Dotty:  

 Sire:  Fisher's Pained Voodoo   Dam: Sutherlin's Littlespott Nose.   33 1/4.  

She is a beautifully marked tri color spot.  Bred to Happy Times Johnni Cash.  Due summer 2011.

Breeding and Temperament

Smaller is not necessarily better

The choice of breeding stock needs to be made with care. Different breeders have different goals but by far the most important factor must always be good conformation. Temperament is frequently genetic and must also rank as important. Color is also a sought after preference but must never take priority and finally never forget that smaller is not necessarily better.




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