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Breeding Better Quality Miniature Donkeys

    • Specializing in Quality Bred Miniature Donkeys
    • Excellent Conformation in a Small Package

    • Fabulous Temperaments for Pets, Show or Breeding

    • Gorgeous Variety of Colors including Spots

    • Largest Selection in Central Florida

    • We Ship Worldwide

    • Conveniently located 20 minutes NW of  Orlando, Florida:
       between Apopka and Mount Dora off US 441.


The Perfect Pet

From the time this little long ear baby is born, they are constantly seeking attention and wanting to give you love. Affectionate, soft, cuddly, adorable bundles of fur.


Miniature Donkeys are easily trained to do tricks, pull carts, and with smaller children, ride. They are quite social little companions. They love their herd mates as well as their owner. We recommend that they go in pairs just for that reason.


Miniature Donkeys

Know What You Are Looking For....

Imagine a miniature donkey, with the characteristics of a loving, playful puppy, coupled with the ability to pull a cart or let children ride around on its back. Better yet, what if this hardy pet could live on just a handful of feed and survive up to 35 years or more, meaning that your children and your grandchildren might enjoy its company? With all of these admirable traits, it’s no wonder that miniature donkeys are steadily gaining popularity.  ... more information

Miniature Donkey Facts

General Information

  • Life Span: 25 - 35+ years
  • Weight: 200 - 350 pounds at maturity
  • Height: Average 32" - 34" at the withers, maximum 36" Gestation: 11-1/2 - 13 months
  • Birth: Single baby, averages 20-30 pounds at birth. Foals are up and nursing within 30 minutes and are weaned between 5-6 months of age.
  • Reproduction: Male donkeys are referred to as "jacks," female donkeys are "jennets," and baby donkeys are called "foals". Jennets should not be bred until they are physically mature at approximately 3 years of age. They have heat cycles every 18-21 days throughout most of the year.
  • Health: Miniature Donkeys are remarkably hardy and healthy. They do require preventative vaccinations, should be wormed regularly, and have their hooves trimmed every 2-3 months.
  • Colors: Miniature Donkeys are predominantly grey-dun with the characteristic "cross." They also come in darker shades of grey, brown, black, sorrel, white and spotted. Usually they have light tan markings around their muzzle and eyes, known as "points". However, some have dark points.





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